Are Riley and Violet Still Together After the Negging and Jealousy?

During Sunday night’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Riley and Violet had their first fight.

Just their first fight in person, actually. They’ve had plenty over long distance before this.

The specific issue was Violet texting with a friend whose contact photo Riley didn’t like. The broader issue was his jealousy.

After what we saw on Season 6, Episode 6 … do Riley and Violet have any hope? Are they still together?


The episode showed Violet guide Riley into a clothing store.

Together, they looked at fabrics. This was no idle shopping trip.

Violet wanted to get a formal outfit — ao dai — that would be traditional and look nice on Riley in the right circumstances.


Violet was not eager to pin a label on Riley.

Even when the store employee asked if he was her husband, she said that they were “getting to know each other.”

A simple boyfriend would have sufficed, right? It doesn’t mean that Violet doesn’t like him. Just that she’s clearly feeling guarded. And she’s not alone.


The store clerk took Riley’s measurements. This will be a custom outfit. He even got to pick out the fabric (we think?).

But Riley also told him to hush.

Was she being playful? Yes. But Riley wasn’t sure where the teasing ended and the hurt began.


This went double when Violet started negging him, both in English and in Vietnamese.

Now, Violet explained that this is not only part of her personality, but also Vietnamese culture overall.

But she knows that he is not Vietnamese. This teasing hurt.


Outside, however, it was Riley’s turn to turn a potentially pleasant outing into a conflict.

Across the street from the camera crew (initially), Violet received a message. Apparently, her friend’s contact photo wasn’t wearing a shirt.

That is extremely common for social media. But Riley, peering over her shoulder, demanded to know who it was.


Violet did assure Riley that this was her platonic friend.

In fact, she had an explanation for why she was specifically speaking to him at that time.

But she was also sure to emphasize that Riley simply has no right to demand that she explain every communication in her life or her phone.


Violet was playing matchmaker between two friends.

But, more importantly, this was her “private life.”

She very much saw Riley as someone she’s getting to know in person — even after their extended online romance. So this was, to her, a step over the line.


“What right does he have to check my phone?” Violet asked.

Her answer is the same as everyone’s — only as much or as little right as she chooses to give him.

In Violet’s mind, she’d give that kind of transparency to him if he’s her husband. But not now.


The truth is that Riley has some serious insecurities. And yes, they come from a truly miserable cheating experience.

Violet pointed out that he “always” thinks that people are lying to him.

It is not an attractive quality. Especially when you’re just getting to know someone.


Violet emphasized that she is no hypocrite. She’s not Jasmine Pineda.

Rather, she told him that he doesn’t need to show her anything, either.

Right now, that’s not where they are in their relationship. This was an important boundary to set.


After all of that, Riley was on his best behavior when meeting Violet’s family — including her wonderful daughters.

They seemed to like him immediately. Even before he gave them gifts. Violet’s mom felt considerably less impressed.

She spoke to him about his jealousy issues. And Violet translated, asking if he can change. They broke a lot of the tension from earlier.


So … are Riley and Violet still together?

There is one major clue.

Just last month, Riley wished a “happy birthday” to Violet on his Instagram Story.


A birthday wish is normal between friends.

But it would be super weird to send to an ex — if things didn’t end well.

There’s no smoking gun — no marriage certificate, no K-1 visa filing going public, no video of one of them with someone new. But the odds seem good that they’re still together.

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