Sackboy: A Big Adventure Is Only $20 At Best Buy During Prime Day

Sackboy: A Big Adventure PS4 and PS5 editions are on sale for only $20 at Best Buy as part of the retailer’s Black Friday in July sale, a direct response to Amazon’s Prime Day 2023 sale. Keep in mind the PS4 version comes with a free PS5 upgrade, while the PS5 edition only works on PS5.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure released in 2020 and has been discounted cyclically throughout the past couple of years, but $20 ties the best price yet for the Little Big Planet spin-off that plays a lot like Super Mario 3D World.

In GameSpot’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure review, critic Mike Epstein praised it for solid platform mechanics and strong visual qualities on the PS5. “Sackboy is a solid platformer and, despite its rote art style, makes great use of the PS5’s enhanced visual and technical performance. It’s a fun little romp of a platformer, with lots of interesting moments,” Epstein said. “At times, the visual design can look a bit flat. Even in those moments, though, the tight controls and interesting level layouts create gameplay challenges that make those flaws easy to overlook.”

Sackboy isn’t available at this low price directly from Amazon during Prime Day, but there are plenty of other PlayStation exclusives that are up for grabs for low prices at Amazon:

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