Mike Pence Still Stumbles When Asked Why He Didn’t Speak Up or Concede Before Jan. 6 (Video)

During Tuesday night’s edition of CNN’s 9 p.m. show “The Source With Kaitlan Collins,” the reporter pressed former Vice President Mike Pence once again on the events surrounding Jan. 6. And as he’s done a lot when asked, he stumbled a bit while trying to explain it.

“You testified in the January 6 investigation for more than five hours after a court fight. Do you think that your testimony could lead to an indictment?,” Collins asked Pence.

“Well, look, I can tell you that I had concerns about the unprecedented subpoena of a former vice president to testify about my duties under my role as president of the Senate… We went to court on that. We actually — we won that round. Actually, for the first time in history, a federal judge recognized that some of the protections members of Congress have do extend to the vice president.”

The vice president went on to further say, “There’s no mystery about what I talked about. And people can draw their own conclusions. I have told the story many times on your airwaves and others and, of course, on the printed page of my autobiography.”

Collins then asked Pence if he wished he had come forward and conceded the election sooner. 

“Don’t you think it would have had an effect if you had come out in mid-December, when it was very clear the Electoral — the Electoral College had certified Biden’s win — if you had come out and publicly conceded the election? Why didn’t you do that?” Collins asked. 

“Well, I wanted to be respectful. Remember, we had about 60 lawsuits that were working, some of which were still in the courts…” Pence said.

You can watch the whole exchange, and a whole lot of hemming and hawing from Pence, here:

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