The Best Linen Vests Everyone is *Still* Wearing

Sorry to say it, but not all trends have staying power. Some burst onto our radars and then seem to fizzle out not long after while others surprise us by sticking around longer than we anticipated. It’s always satisfying when the latter is the case, especially if it’s a trend you’ve already bought into. This summer, waistcoats—specifically in hot weather-friendly linen—are definitely in it for the long haul and we’re not mad at it one bit.

Tailored vests have been trending for well over a year, but fashion people are doubling down on their commitment to the staple and adding chic linen versions to their summer wardrobes. During her wedding festivities, Sofia Richie wore a linen vest top from Posse and promptly made it sell out for months. (Good news, it’s back in stock, at least for now.)

If this is a trend you’ve already bought into, well then, congrats your investment is paying off. But if you’ve yet to test the waters with a vest top, then consider this your official green light to do so. In addition to their staying power, we’re about to prove just how versatile these linen vests really are—wear one with a skirt, jeans, or matching trousers—you really can’t go wrong. Ahead, glean plenty of outfit inspiration from celebs and fashion folks and then shop the best linen vests because I know you’ll be inspired to do so.

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