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Olivia Rodrigo is opening up about her new single “Vampire.”

The 20-year-old Grammy-winning singer recently appeared on SiriusXM Hits 1 LA with Tony Fly and Symon where she revealed the meaning behind her new hit song.

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“I think the reason why I love ‘Vampire’ so much is to me it’s not a song about, ‘Oh, this person hurt me. This guy hurt me,’” Olivia shared. “I think that’s kind of surface level to me. What I love about it is it kind of looks inward.”

She continued, “It’s more about my regret and kind of beating myself up for doing something that I knew wasn’t gonna turn out great and kind of just taking ownership of that and dealing with those feelings. That’s what it means to me, but obviously anyone can, you know, have their own interpretation of it, but that’s kind of why it was so special to me.”

Olivia also opened up about the anxiety of writing “Vampire” and her new album GUTS, which she will be releasing this fall.

“There was definitely a lot of pressure and definitely a lot of anxiety especially I think in the early stages of writing this album, I was pretty overwhelmed,” Olivia explained. “It’s a pretty daunting task, but I wrote ‘Vampire’ in December of last year, so not too long ago and I always really loved it. ”

“I always felt like it was a special song, if not for anyone, just for me,” Olivia added. “I felt like it really resonated with me, and I felt like I expressed something that I had been trying to express for a long time and so in that regard I knew it was special and when it came time to pick a single, this one just felt right and I feel like it’s a good introduction into this new world.”

In another recent, Olivia opened up about the public’s interest in her love life and revealed if she’s single.

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