6 Summer Microtrends To Integrate Into Your 2023 Outfits

As a simple dresser myself, I never encourage buying into trends based solely on the fact that they’re “in fashion”. Instead, I like to think long and hard about any I’m tempted by, discerning whether or not they feel “me”. If, after deliberation, I decide that they are, then, yes, I’ll invest. More often than not however, it’s microtrends I find the most compelling, as they’re an easy way to dip your toe into an aesthetic without having to fully commit, but will still make your outfits feel current.

Below, I’ve assembled six summer microtrends for 2023 that will bring some immediate joy to your wardrobe, but that I also believe have staying power, too. The print on the last dress, for example, has been omnipresent in the fashion space ever since Carrie Bradshaw first wore it in 2000. How’s that for longevity? So, let’s get better acquainted with summer 2023’s microtrend line-up. 

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