Tori Spelling and Kids Living Out of a Motel After Mold Infestation, Divorce Announcement

Even though he deleted his announcement, Dean McDermott wants to divorce Tori Spelling … as soon as he can afford it.

Since fleeing their infested home this spring after years of medical mysteries, the family has been in a tough spot.

And it really serves as a reminder of how different Tori’s adult life is than her youth was.

She grew up in her father’s sprawling mansion — large, even by Hollywood standards. Now … she and her kids are living in a motel.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023. (Instagram)

The Daily Mail reports that, over the weekend, eyewitnesses spotted Tori Spelling leaving a motel. The establishment charges $100 per night.

She was there with her five children. Seemingly, the six of them are residing there together.

Tori and Dean’s children range from 16-year-old Liam to 6-year-old Beau. This is quite a shakeup for the family.

Parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose with children Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau at the Beverly Hilton in June 2023. (Instagram)

It also calls to mind how different Tori’s upbringing was than that of her children.

Tori’s father was Aaron Spelling, a television mogul. His home was a mansion among mansions. It’s where Tori grew up.

That residence was a $165 million residence in an exclusive neighborhood, Holmby Hills. Now, she and her kids are living out of a motel.

Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Hattie McDermott attends the premiere of Freeform’s “Cruel Summer” Season 2 on May 31, 2023. (Getty)

We generally expect that children will have a better standard of living than their parents.

Obviously, this is not the case for Millennials as an overall generation, thanks to fallout from Reagan-era policies and a lot of related economic woes.

Tori is an actress. She has been a household name for decades. How has this become her predicament?

On social media, Tori Spelling models a stylish and comfortable-looking garment. (Instagram)

First of all, having rich parents can lead to success all by itself (schooling, connections, health, and more) but inheritance is how generational wealth continues.

But when Tori’s father passed away in 2006, Tori did not find herself an instant mega-millionaire.

Her mother received almost all of the approximately $600 million estate. Tori walked away with about $800,000.

Candy Spelling Image
Candy Spelling is the mother of famed but troubled actress Tori Spelling, and widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling. (Getty)

While Tori walked away with about 0.13% of the Spelling fortune, Candy retains control of that money.

How, Candy is totally Team Tori in her divorce from Dean. She has suggested that she will help Tori with the divorce — even on a financial level.

But the public perception is that she is unwilling to either give Tori money outright or simply cover aspects of her lifestyle (covering some major expenses without actually handing her any direct money).

In December of 2022, Tori Spelling shared that she had trouble breathing and was once again seeking medical care. At the time, it was a mystery ailment. (instagram)

Amidst all of this, neither Tori nor Dean can stay at their previous family home.

Why? Because it turned out to be so utterly infested with mold that it was a genuine health hazard.

As proof, look no further than months of mystery hospitalizations that Tori and her family experienced. That’s mold, folks.

In this lengthy caption from May 2023, Tori Spelling shared her family’s story of repeated illnesses. The culprit? Dangerous mold in their home. (Instagram)

Tori gave a shoutout to renter’s insurance when sharing the news of the mold infestation. She and Dean had been renting the house.

This meant that it was not their responsibility to clean. And that their insurance meant emergency housing while they look for a new place to live.

It seems likely that renters insurance either initially covered Tori and her kids’ stay or is currently covering their motel stay. We don’t know the terms of Tori’s insurance because, you know, that’s private financial information.

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