YouTuber’s Across The Spider-Verse Cosplay Has Working Portals

Gif: JLaservideo / Kotaku

YouTuber JLaservideo managed to create a Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse cosplay with operational “portals” with a couple of tubes and a good paint job, he explained in a recent TikTok. It resulted in a Spot costume that looks as good as it is functional.

Villainous Spot’s super evil outfit is, essentially, a white Morphsuit covered in black, unequally sized polka-dots, which are actually super evil vacuums into other dimensions. In the recent Across the Spider-Verse movie (and all its different versions), Spot (Jason Schwartzman) shows off his shifty ability to tunnel suddenly into space as Miles Morales’ (Shameik Moore) nemesis.

“When I saw Across the Spider-Verse, I wanted to build something never done before,” YouTuber Jake Laser explains in his TikTok. “But portals don’t exist in real life—at least not yet.”

To trick you into thinking they might, Jake used Musou black paint—an ultra-dense, black acrylic paint “that can absorb up to 99.4 percent of visible-light,” its product description says—to sculpt dots into a white bodysuit.

“Because light isn’t reflected,” Jake said, “[the paint] makes 3D objects look 2D, which you can use to hide the depth of holes,” and that’s helpful for rigging a Spot cosplay with functional, flexible tubing.

Ultimately, Jake was able to use the paint to obscure a tube that extended from the Spot suit’s hand to an uneven splotch in its stomach. He demonstrates its operation in his TikTok, tossing a tennis ball into the hand “portal” and watching as the ball pops out of the center of the suit a second later.

“Voilà: the Spot,” he says.

“But how did the ball just get out of him like that like how is there even a hole in him,” wondered one incredulous TikTok commenter. Rewatch the video, dear commenter. And then use the same technology to funnel popcorn into your mouth during the next Spider-Man screening.


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