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Brian Cox won’t be Method acting as a millennial (again) anytime soon.

The “Succession” actor, who was recently once again Emmy-nominated for portraying Logan Roy in the hit HBO series, which aired its fourth and final season this year, criticized “woke culture” in a recent sitdown with Piers Morgan. Cox expressed his disdain for what he alleges is a social media-led trend during Morgan’s “Uncensored” talk show.

“I don’t think social media helps. It hinders, not helps,” Cox said. “I think it points out too readily inadequacies. And the whole woke, what we’ve talked about before, the whole woke culture is truly awful […] and the shaming culture.”

He continued, “I don’t know where it comes from. Who are the arbiters of this shaming? And it’s very hard to pin them down, and, it turns out, it’s usually a bunch of millennials. I suppose in a way they’re probably saying, ‘Well you’ve all screwed it up so we may as well do something about it.’ But it’s from the wrong principle. It comes from the wrong place.”

Cox previously addressed the censorship of Roald Dahl’s novels as a “disgraceful” byproduct of “woke culture,” as reported by Times Radio earlier this year; similarly, Cox has stood by J.K. Rowling after she was “unjustly” deemed transphobic.

Cox has called cancel culture a kind of “fascist McCarthyism” fueled by “hypocrisy,” telling Morgan in 2022, “I find the whole thing completely hypocritical. I am not religious but there is a thing in the bible where it says, ‘Let he or she without sin cast the first stone’ and there seems to be a lot of casting of stones. And it is like a virus.”

The “Prisoner’s Daughter” actor has been a vocal critic of Method acting and openly supported the survival of Turner Classic Movies amid Warner Bros. Discovery executive shifts.

Cox recently noted that he hasn’t seen “very many” episodes of hit series “Succession” despite its iconic status. “It’s bad enough doing it, without having to watch it,” Cox said. “I prefer the doing of it. Because once you’ve done it, it’s up to the audience to make their decision. And especially playing somebody like Logan; he’s so misunderstood. They just see this anger and rage.”

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