Cozy sim MMO Palia with its Stardew Valley and Zelda vibes goes into beta this August

Game development studio Singularity 6 has announced both closed and open beta tests will take place for Palia in August.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, Paila is a community simulation MMO where you can build a home and life, befriend various characters, and experience an evolving narrative with other players.

Palia | Official Beta Release Trailer

The game will constantly evolve and features deep customization systems and a Neighborhood system that allows you to forge your own communities. A mix of a community sim with MMO elements, the game lets you collaborate, explore and progress with others. There’s even a social matchmaking system.

Palia features a robust character customization system, and you can acquire a plot of land to build the home of your dreams and then customize all the little details with over 1,000 decor items with customization options just at launch.

It also features Neighborhoods, Palia’s version of Guilds. These allow you to forge a community with others. A Neighborhood can complete a variety of collaborative activities to earn unique rewards, then show off collective accomplishments.

Whether you decide to play solo or with others is up to you, as there are several gameplay options that are engaging solo. Various simulation systems will respond to your actions and consistently change the game. You will also meet, befriend, and romance a cast of characters that live out their days and evolve with their own stories.

The closed beta will begin on August 2, and you can sign up for it on the Palia website. It is open to all players, regardless of whether you have played the game in previous alphas or betas.

An open beta will start on August 10, and all gameplay progress is yours to keep to use in the game when it releases.

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