One Of The Best Xbox Controllers Is Cheap During Prime Day 2023

If you’re looking for a new Xbox or PC controller, one of the best options is currently on sale for $25.89 at Amazon as part of the retailer’s Prime Day 2023 sale. The 8BitDo Ultimate features remappable back buttons and other customization features that give it a lot of versatility, especially at this price. And if you like the design but want a wireless model for PC and Switch, the 8BitDo Ultimate with charging dock is currently on sale for a great price, too.

8BitDo Ultimate
8BitDo Ultimate

The only downside here is that the 8BitDo Ultimate is a wired controller for Xbox and PC. If you’re looking for a wireless version that can be used on PC (and Switch), 8BitDo released a pair of stellar additions to the Ultimate lineup late last year. One of them works with Switch and PC via Bluetooth, while the other is designed specifically for PC.

The Xbox version of the Ultimate is still a fantastic controller, though. Besides being a comfortable fit for your hands with its shape and featuring quality components, the big deal here is the customization on offer. You can fine-tune your inputs, adjust your analog stick sensitivity, and much more using 8BitDo’s software, and the controller can store up to three profiles that you can switch between on the fly.

If you want a setup that favors quick trigger pulls when you play Call of Duty, a profile that heightens analog stick sensitivity when you play Forza Horizon, and a custom arrangement for fighting games, you’ll be easily covered.

If interested in the Ultimate controller, we’d recommend purchasing it soon. 8BitDo controller deals from Amazon tend to sell out.

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