Even Amid Steam Summer Sale – ‘BattleBit Remastered’ Crushes PC Game Competition

The platform’s discount bonanza wasn’t enough to see old blockbusters oust the independently produced multiplayer title as the week’s top revenue earner

Another week into Steam’s major summer sale and “BattleBit Remastered,” an indie game not seeing any sort of discount, remains king of the revenue hill for paid games on the distribution platform.

At No. 1 on the week’s top revenue earners list was Valve’s Steam Deck hardware. Even at a discount, its starting price is $360, meaning the handheld gaming PC is reaping a lot more raw revenue per unit than most games (which typically cap out at $70 a piece, or $15 in the case of “BattleBit Remastered”). Regardless, it tops the chart, which measures by revenue, showing that there’s a dedicated subset of PC gamers who care about being able to take their high-end PC experiences on the go in a way that even gaming laptops can’t offer.

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