HBO Boss Predicts “A Lot Of Pain For Everybody” If Actors Join Writers On Strike

In a recent interview with HBO and HBO Max Chairman and CEO Casey Bloys, concerns were raised regarding the potential repercussions of the ongoing WGA writers strike and the looming SAG-AFTRA strike. Speaking to Variety, Bloys stressed the vital role played by writers and actors in the industry and expressed his hopes for a resolution that would acknowledge their value and encourage their return to work.

“It will slow everything down,” Bloys said. “It will be a lot of pain for everybody, for all sides. It’s not a lot of fun to contemplate having to deal with, having to figure this out as an industry.” Bloys further predicted that viewers would begin to notice the effects of the strikes in 2024.

Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are scheduled to conclude on July 12, and should an acceptable deal fail to materialize, SAG-AFTRA members, who overwhelmingly voted in favor of a strike, are poised to commence their strike on July 13.

With the potential strike looming and a concerning trend of content cancellations and removals, the outlook for the upcoming fall TV season appears increasingly grim. GameSpot recently reported that 2023 so far has had nearly as many TV show cancellations as all of 2022, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the industry’s future.

In addition to discussing the strikes, Bloys also addressed the scheduling of the Emmys, expressing a preference for November, which would suggest a potential resolution to the strikes by that time.

HBO and HBO Max were collectively nominated on Wednesday for 127 Emmys.

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