Get a DIY Gyarados Pokemon Model on Sale for Prime Day

Prime Day part 1 is starting to come to a close, but there’s still a whole day of deals ahead of us. That being said, we’ve already seen some deals come and go, so if you want to grab this Mega Blox Gyarados gigantic building kit, I’d do so sooner rather than later.

Mega Pokemon Gyarados Prime Day Deal: 50% Off

Pokémon Motion Gyarados

This kit has 2,189 pieces, including 4 different plaques for whatever region you’re in. Wait, not region, I mean country. Pokemon have different names for different languages, so in France (or Quebec), Gyarados is called Léviator, which sounds much fancier.

One of the stand-out features of this kit is how it moves through the clever use of levers and gears. Watch the video on the item page to see what I mean, but it wriggles menacingly on its stand as though it were actually swimming through the sea. It’s pretty awesome, something you see on LEGO kits like the PAC-MAN arcade cabinet or the NES set.

No idea how long this deal will last, but 50% is a huge savings, and if you want to get this Prime Day deal for well under $100, now is probably the best time to do so.

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