Google One VPN will no longer place you in Texas if you’re in New York

VPN by Google One on Pixel 7 Pro notification stock photo

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • VPN By Google One is getting a new feature to improve your experience on location-based apps and websites.
  • It will soon set your IP location to a local region instead of a broader region by default.
  • You’ll still have the option to select the latter for more privacy.

VPN by Google One is getting an option to improve your experience with location-based services. If you subscribe to Google’s VPN, it will soon allow you to change your default IP address region from broad to local.

Currently, VPN by Google One simply connects to the nearest server in the same country. Users have no control over this, and the connection usually places them in an entirely different state, hampering experiences like weather and other location-based services. Now, 9to5Google reports that Google is fixing this problem.

At the end of this month, VPN by Google One will set your IP location to a local region by default to improve location-based experiences on the apps and websites you visit. The update will start rolling out on July 29, 2023. Google has started emailing users about the change and has said that it will continue to “prevent your network provider or the websites from knowing your actual IP address or precise location.”

That said, you’ll still have the option to keep the previous default and use a “broader IP address region” like your country instead of your local region. This, Google says, will give you even more privacy. The setting will appear in the Google One app on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

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