3 Great Robot Vacuums Are On Sale for Amazon Prime Day

I’m a full-time working parent who lives with my husband, two small children, and several pets. In an earlier time, I would have extended family to help me stay on top of domestic tasks. But today, the closest thing I have to an extra pair of hands is my robot vacuum

Some of my team members remain unimpressed with the current state of robot vacuum performance. However, I’m a full-grown human who can barely cope with a fully-snarled box of embroidery floss left strewn all over the floor. Is the problem really the robot vacuum, or my chaotic offspring?

This Amazon Prime Day, I was thrilled to see several of my most reliable picks reach some of their lowest prices ever. Buy one and share the load. Don’t see anything you like? Be sure to check out some of our buying guides, like the Best Window Air Conditioners or the Best Blenders. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Amazon Prime Day coverage.

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Best Robot Vacuum Deals

Roborock Q5+.

Photograph: RoboRock

Roborock wins one of my most-improved awards. The company’s app and software went from being largely unusable to being one of the quickest, fastest, mapping robot vacuums around. It’s been over a year and I’m currently testing another Roborock as we speak. But the Q5+ (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is still the effective, ever-reliable robot vacuum that I run when newer ones leave dog hair ground into the carpet or have trapped themselves in the bathroom. It was worth it at the original $700 price and at this price, is even more so. 

Okay, I admit it—this robot vacuum has a place of simultaneous honor and shame in my household. Because I’ve had more trouble with Eufy’s mapping software than with Roborock’s, I have relegated it to the basement where I banish both my children and my dog when they get too much in the way. However, it has twin turbines to double the suction power on dirty, hairy, deep-pile rugs. This is the vacuum to get if you have an enclosed area that needs regular deep cleaning. 

Shark AI Ultra. 

Photograph: Shark

I sent this robot vacuum (8/10, WIRED Recommends) to reviews editor Julian Chokkattu for long-term testing because I simply could not believe that a mapping, mopping robot vacuum could work this well at this price point. The joke is on me—it’s still trundling along to this very day, a year later. I particularly like that Shark’s app gives you estimated cleaning times. The mop never releases too much fluid, the cleaning pad is reusable, and you can see the bottom of the robot vacuum wiggle as it scrubs all the sticky stuff off your kitchen floors. This is a remarkable price for a reliable cleaning companion.  

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