Horizon fans can look forward to many more games in the franchise, says Guerrilla

Guerrilla Games has said it plans on continuing its Horizon franchise “for a long while.”

Speaking during a session at Develop Brighton, studio members basically confirmed a comment made last year by creative director Mathijs de Jonge, when they said the team was “setting up some things for the next game” with the Forbidden West cliffhanger.

Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores Launch Trailer

According to studio director Jan-Bart van Beek, Aloy’s adventures will span more than just one more game, as the studio has at least 16 plans “clicking on,” per Games Radar.

Guerrilla is currently making a multiplayer game set in Aloy’s world, and rumor has it the game is an MMO in the works with Guild Wars developer NCSoft.

The game is considered “a massive shift for the studio,” according to Van Beek, but the studio is excited about the project.

And there’s even more in the works related to Horizon, as there’s a Netflix adaption of the game coming at some point.

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