Here Are a Bunch of Great Candy Deals for Prime Day

When it comes to the best Amazon Prime Day deals, some people might be on the hunt for flashy tech like iPads or coffee makers, but consider this: Candy is also on sale. We’ve rounded up our favorite sugary snack deals below. Treat your sweet tooth to something fun at a discount and start tracking those packages, counting down the minutes until you can eat your body weight in sugar. I know I will be. 

The deals below are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. There’s a free 30-day trial if you don’t have a membership. 

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Candy Deals

Photograph: Amazon

Want nearly 8 pounds of Sour Patch Kids all to yourself? I guess you could share them too. This is the deal for you. The discount isn’t that impressive, but it’s the best price we’ve seen all year. 

Anyone who has tried these watermelon candies knows that they slap. Munch your way through over 36 ounces of these bad boys for $6 less than usual. 

This bag of candy is probably cheaper than you’d find at the gas station or the grocery store. If you’ve ever had a Nerds Rope (which are also on sale), these gummies are essentially that rope cut into little pieces. They’re delicious and I bought them. 

Remember these things? They’re still just as delicious as they were during the peak of their popularity. One reviewer mentioned dissolving these candies in rum for a tasty cocktail. My interest is piqued. 

Photograph: Amazon

Y’all. Y’ALL. I have finally found the source of those mysterious strawberry-wrapped hard candies. This assortment includes them, plus butterscotch and cinnamon hard candies. Your grandma would probably love this deal. (It’s me. I’m your grandma.)

If you dislike black licorice, consider growing up. (Just kidding, sort of.) These candies rock, and they only hurt your teeth a moderate amount. The trade-off is worth it. The boxes are also the perfect size for sneaking into movie theaters, just in time for Barbenheimer. 

There isn’t enough chocolate on sale for my liking, but these Toblerone candy bars almost make up for it. You’ll get twelve bars of perfect little triangles sprinkled with honey and almond nougat. (I may have purchased this one too.)

Photograph: Amazon

Did you wake up today thinking to yourself, “Boy, I sure could use about 1,700 individual Reese’s Pieces right now”? You’re in luck, because this bag contains just that. After all, the only thing better than eating Reese’s Pieces is eating them by the handful. 

Retailer Sales Pages

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