The View Slams Tommy Tuberville’s White Nationalist Comments

After Sen. Tommy Tuberville said Monday night on CNN that white nationalism is not racist and that “most white people” in the military actually are white nationalists, the hosts of “The View” were stunned on Tuesday morning.

For host Sunny Hostin, Tuberville’s words make him nothing more than “an example” of his state’s “very, very low education rate.”

Tuberville’s comments came as part of the first episode of Kaitlan Collins’ new CNN primetime show “The Source,” when she pushed him on comments he made in May on a radio show where he refused to condemn white nationalists. When she asked him outright whether white nationalists shouldn’t be serving in the military, Tuberville said, “If people think that a white nationalist is a racist, I agree with that, I agree they shouldn’t.”

When Collins gave Tuberville the definition of a white nationalist, informing that all white nationalists are racists, he merely replied, “Well, that’s some people’s opinion.”

“I think what’s problematic for me is the stupidity that’s just so apparent,” Sunny Hostin said on “The View” on Tuesday. “You know, when you think about Alabama, he has a lot of things to think about that he should be concentrating on rather than this.”

She continued, “I think in 2021, about 16% of Alabama’s population lived below the poverty line. There’s a very, very low education rate. He is an example of that by not knowing what white nationalism is, or claiming not to know what white nationalism is.”

For the most part though, host Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t actually believe Tuberville legitimately doesn’t understand the term.

“Sir, you’re from Alabama, you know exactly what we’re saying,” Whoopi said. “You know exactly what we’re taught, you can’t fool us, we know what it means!”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.

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