Cheyenne Floyd Accused of Tastelessly Flaunting Teen Mom Wealth, Family Money

After the years that Cheyenne Floyd has spent on MTV, she is reaping the rewards.

Teen Mom has had its ups and downs as a franchise, but its stars have made bank — from the network and by further monetizing their fame.

No one is suggesting that Cheyenne should pretend that she’s struggling to keep the lights on.

But some of her own fans question if she should really be flaunting her luxurious lifestyle like she is.

Cheyenne Floyd isn’t shy about her lavish lifestyle on social media, even showing followers when she books a flight on a private jet. (Instagram)

If you follow Cheyenne on Instagram, you will get an eyeful of the trappings of her life.

A lot of it has to do with travel — and not simply having the time and means to afford such a luxury.

From nice cars to flights on private planes, Cheyenne clearly spares no expense when it comes from moving from Point A to Point B.

Cheyenne Floyd snapped this alluring Instagram mirror selfie and shared it with her followers in 2023. (Instagram)

After Cheyenne’s weekend glimpse of her catching a flight on a private plane, followers took notice.

They also noted that she boarded the plane after exiting a Lamborghini.

The whole thing screams opulence, luxury, and expense. And there was also a hint of really trying to advertise all of that.

Hooray for Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis! These two love birds got married in September 2022. (Instagram)

These days, Reddit’s owners are waging war against the site’s users. But, for now, the platform remains open and even mostly functional.

A slew of her own fans took to the fallen social media site to discuss Cheyenne’s over-the-top spending.

“How does Chey afford all these private jet rides?” asked one redditor. Notably, a private plane ride costs thousands of dollars per billable hour … at minimum.

Cheyenne Pic
Cheyenne doesn’t look too happy here, does she? The Teen Mom OG star is often stressed. (MTV)

“Her family was already rich before TM,” one redditor wrote. Her father owns a document reproduction company.

“Wasting her family’s money. Influencer money. Corey’s money,” a scathing commenter accused.

The redditor continued: “Her drug dealing, grifting husband’s money. Lots of options. Such a tacky look.” Yikes.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd and fiance Zach Davis spoke on the premiere about when a shooter, known to them, fired thirteen shots into their vehicle. (MTV)

“These pics give me such entry level luxury vibes, like a Gucci belt or an LV neverfull,” another Reddit denizen suggested.

That same commenter joked: “She gonna dine at the Cheesecake Factory when they get to their destination.”

Another noted: “Ya’ll ask this time and time again like we haven’t already discussed that her family comes from money.”

Cheyenne Floyd in a Cap
Cheyenne Floyd stares at a friend here and has a discussion on an episode of Teen Mom OG. (MTV)

“Her family has money AND they have friends with more money,” another redditor explained.

“Charter companies can be affordable if you use them a lot or have a subscription to their services,” that commenter added.

In other words, if you have a rich friend who takes private plane rides, you’ll also end up taking private plane rides. Not necessarily, of course, but that’s often how it works out.

Zach Davis With Cheyenne
Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis stand together in front of this beautiful blue sky on a sunny day. (Instagram)

Fans have discussed their beliefs about Cheyenne’s generational wealth — or, rather, alleged generational wealth — for years.

And, as we all know, the Teen Mom stars make major salaries. That can’t hurt.

But just because you make a certain amount of money (or otherwise have that kind of lifestyle) doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show it. Not in a world where $200 of groceries is so easy to carry in a few trips.

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