12 Best Prime Day Espresso Machine Deals (2023)

Before coffee beans get roasted, they’re sorted by hand. Experts sift through the raw beans looking for anything that doesn’t quite fit, anything that would spoil the flavor of your morning coffee. They make sure only the best beans make it to your doorstep. That’s exactly what we’ve done with deals this Amazon Prime Day. We poured them all out and sorted through them one by one to find only the most robust and flavorful Prime Day espresso machine deals, plus discounts on other coffee gear.

While you’re craving a cup, take a sip of our guides to the Best Espresso Machines, Best Coffee Subscriptions, Best Coffee Grinders, Best Portable Coffee Makers, and Best Portable Espresso Makers.

Updated Wednesday, July 12: We’ve added several coffee makers and grinders, including the Espro, BruTrek Ovrlndr French Press, Fellow Ode Grinder, and Diletta Mio. And we checked all prices and deals over as of publishing.

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide periodically throughout Prime Day.

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Espresso Machine Deals

Breville Barista Express Impress

Photograph: Breville

The Barista Express is our top pick for most people in our Best Espresso Machines guide. It features Breville’s signature built-like-a-tank craftsmanship, a built-in grinder with 16 settings, and most important it just makes reliably excellent espresso. The crema is smooth and frothy, and the steamer makes rich, glossy steamed milk. 

The newer sibling to the Barista Express, the Express Impress features everything that made the Express a great espresso machine plus a little more. The grinder has 25 grind settings, which means you can really dial in the consistency of your grounds for more granular control over espresso. With that in mind, it also includes an assisted tamping mechanism to make sure you’re tamping your grounds with consistent pressure. This is the model for anyone who wants a machine that takes care of things for you but gives you room to grow and explore your at-home barista skills. 

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte

Photograph: DeLonghi

DeLonghi’s La Specialista Arte is an alternative pick for anyone looking for an all-in-one espresso machine like the Barista Express or Barista Express Impress. The La Specialista Arte includes a built-in grinder with eight grind settings, a steam wand, and three preset recipes to make brewing your favorite drink even easier. The slightly older version that’s very similar is also on sale for $500 ($198 off) if you want to save some cash.

If you can spend the money, this is the best overall espresso machine. It’s built to last, and stylish without taking up your entire counter. The Mio has a modern PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller for monitoring the internal temperature, which is unusual for this price range

I don’t actually like automatic espresso machines. I’ve been disappointed by so many of them, but the Cafe Affetto is the exception. It’s a slim little machine, and all you need to do is put coffee beans and water in it. At the press of a button, it’ll grind, tamp, and brew you a shot of espresso. The steam wand is just as easy to use and by far the least finicky I’ve ever encountered. Even if you’re trying not to, it’ll steam your milk to a smooth, frothy finish. 

Keurig, Cold-Brew, and Stovetop Coffee Deals

Keurig K-Mini

Photograph: Target

If you’re a Keurig fan, the K-Mini is a solid all-around pick. It’s super-slim, so it takes up the absolute minimum of counter space, and it’s tall enough to fit most travel mugs underneath, making it perfect for anyone who has an early commute. You need to clip the coupon on the page to see the deal at checkout.

I will never stop singing the praises of the humble Moka pot. Technically it’s a percolator and not an espresso maker, but with a semi-fine grind it’ll brew up a shot of coffee that’s so indistinguishable from machine-brewed espresso you might be shocked. Especially considering moka pots like this one are just a fraction of the price of a full-on espresso machine. 

Primula Burke

Photograph: Primula

This little thing is actually the top pick in our Best Cold-Brew Maker guide. It’s small enough that it won’t take over your whole fridge, and during our testing, it provided the smoothest, most flavorful brew–and it has a filter fine enough to keep out even the finest sediment. 

Another good option if you’re looking for a cold-brew maker this summer, the Coffee Bear Cold Brew Maker has excellent reviews, a super-fine mesh strainer, and a snazzy design. 

French Press and Grinder Deals

The Ode is unable to produce a super-fine grind like the kind used for Turkish coffee or espresso, but this burr grinder does a great job grinding coffee beans coarsely enough for French press, pour over, and drip, which are among the most common types of coffee people make at home. It’s thorough, speedy, and relatively quiet.

Of all the French presses we’ve tested, the Espro Ultralight Press is the simplest and lightest. Not only that, but it left the least amount of stray grounds in the finished cup, which can be a problem with a lot of French presses. It’s double-walled and vacuum insulated, which means it’ll keep freshly brewed coffee warmer for longer—about three hours, based on our testing.

Solid and heavy, the vowel-deficient Ovrlndr is exceedingly easy to clean for a French press. Just unscrew the bottom and dump out the spent coffee grounds. The “Brü-Stop” filter system consists of an extra-fine screen and silicone ring that creates a tight seal against the side of the mug to keep stray grounds from landing in your finished cup of coffee, and based on our testing it works pretty well.

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