Google Assistant on Android Auto gets redesign in latest update

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Adam Birney / Android Authority


  • Google is rolling out an update to Android Auto.
  • Google Assistant’s UI on Android Auto is now more in line with the mobile version.
  • It’s unclear if the UI redesign is related to the Android Auto update.

The UI for Google Assistant on Android Auto has gone through a variety of looks over the years. That UI is once again getting a facelift, but the new look should be familiar to Android smartphone users.

Google has begun quietly rolling out a new update to Android Auto, according to 9to5Google. The latest version of the app is v10.0 and it appears there isn’t much to say about it. No new features come with this update, nor are there any notable tweaks.

However, there does seem to be one thing noticeably different — Google Assistant. The virtual assistant software appears to have undergone a redesign. Google Assistant on Android Auto has now adopted the “glow” aesthetic, bringing it more in line with what we see on Android smartphones.

Before this redesign, Google Assistant appeared as a black bar with an Assistant logo off to the side. While the black bar is still there, the logo is now gone. Instead, you’ll see Google’s company colors glow on the bottom as text appears when you speak.

Although this redesign appeared alongside the Android Auto v10.0 update, it’s unclear if the redesign is related to the update. It’s also unclear, at the moment, how widely this redesign has rolled out.

Earlier this year, users discovered that an update to Google Maps allowed them to use the app while their phone is connected to Android Auto.

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