Old CoD Games’ Matchmaking Might Have Been Fixed

It appears that matchmaking for older Call of Duty games, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3, has been fixed on Xbox 360. Previously, Xbox 360 players were unable to load into matches, despite the active communities across each game.

This comes by way of a tweet from Zekco Trickshots, who shared a video featuring the matchmaking for older Call of Duty games functioning properly. In the video, Zekco can be seen loading into matches across all three games in the original Modern Warfare trilogy with no problems.

Before today, players attempting to load into matches on older Xbox 360 Call of Duty games were never able to launch into a game due to seemingly a lack of players. However, it only takes around eight players to load into certain match types, so there was something clearly wrong with the matchmaking prior to today’s surprise fix.

Activision has yet to issue a comment as to why matchmaking has suddenly been fixed across older Call of Duty games. Gamespot has reached out to Activision about the sudden matchmaking fix.

For now, it appears that players can finally jump into matches across older Call of Duty games on Xbox 360 for the first time in a while. This comes after Microsoft’s recent FTC court victory over the acquisition of Activision. Should the deal close, we may very well see Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass at some point in the future.

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