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Do you like to keep a clean house? By that we mean, is your phone cluttered with apps you don’t use seldom or not at all? Or are you someone who regularly uninstalls unused apps?

Managing unused apps on Android is pretty simple. You still have to delete them manually, but you don’t have to go hunting for apps you don’t use. You can simply head to Settings > Apps and clear old and redundant apps you don’t need from the Unused Apps section. The same goes for folks who use iPhones. iOS has a built-in Offload Unused Apps feature which automatically removes apps you haven’t used in a while.

Getting rid of unused apps is a good practice not only to free up storage on your phone, but with time, certain apps that are not actively under development can gain exploitable vulnerabilities, so removing old apps will also save you from such threats.

How often do you review and uninstall unused apps from your phone?

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With that in mind, our question is this — how often do you take the time to review and remove unused apps from your phone? Take our poll above and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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