Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter, Sprigatito, is now available as a Build-a-Bear

If, like me, you’re a big fan of Pokemon plushies, I’ve good news. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter, Sprigatito, has now been in receipt of its very own Build-a-bear.

On Build-a-bear’s Pokemon Shop, there’s dozens of Pokemon to choose from and take home; Pikachu, Leafeon, Sobble, Growlithe, Mew, Gengar, and many more fan-favourites. Joining the roster of bears to choose from is Grass-type, Sprigatito.

Sprigatito makes the perfect addition. Being cat-like in appearance with the most adorable of smiles, it won’t be long before I succumb to a lack of self-control and end up ordering one of these for myself.

The Sprigatito Bundle on the Build-a-bear website will set you back £43.00 or $55.00.

This includes both a sleeper and cape to adorn your bear in. Its description reads, “Soak up the sun alongside your own Sprigatito plush! You’ll feel like you’re adventuring through the Paldea region with this friendly Sprigatito plush by your side. This Grass-type Pokémon has a cat-like body with green fur, pointy ears and leaf-like tufts on its neck. Grow your team by bringing home your own.”

The only let-down with the Sprigatito Build-a-bear is its lack of a voice-box. Plenty of the Pokemon on the Build-a-bear website will have their own sound attached, or you could record a noise or message of your own for it to say. Alas, Sprigatito does not include a voice-box this time around.

Regardless, the Pokemon plushie is still cute, and I’m still increasingly tempted to splash the cash. What do you think, though?

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