Tori Roloff Laments “Broken” World, Admits to Struggle with Parenthood

Little People, Big BROKEN World?

Yes, sadly, according to the latest Instagram post by Tori Roloff.

On Tuesday, the long-time TLC personality shared a length post in which she opened up about the challenges she faced these days as a mother.

Tori and Zach Roloff, of course, are parents to a five-year old son named Jackson; a three-year old daughter named Lilah; and another son named Josiah, 1.

We grabbed this photo from a video Tori Roloff uploaded to her Instagram Stories page in July 2023. (Instagram)

“Being a mom is so messy sometimes,” Roloff opened her caption on July 11, continuing as follows:

“Today was a super heavy day. It was emotionally exhausting and I found myself overstimulated by everything.”

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Tori expressed such a sentiment.

Back in April, she wrote about the messiness of her life (which makes total sense when she’s a parent to three young children), but added, naturally, that it was all worthwhile.

In this beautiful family portrait, Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff, and Lilah Roloff are all celebrating 1-year-old Josiah Roloff’s first birthday! (Instagram)

Without delving into any specifics or touching on any polarizing issues, Tori then took a broader view and added:

“I struggle a lot with raising our kids in world that has so much brokenness. I struggle with parenting in a world that has so much brokenness.

“And it got to me today.”

Tori, unfortunately, has sounded far more of a sour note on social media over the past several months than at any other time since she entered the spotlight.

We adore this photo! Tori Roloff shared it with the world on Easter Sunday in 2023. (Instagram)

On an episode of Little People, Big World last year she emphasized just how tired she was… and seemed to hurl some shade at her husband for not helping or understanding.

She’s also talked in the past about feelings of failure as a mother.

“Us moms just want our kids to be the best they can be,” she wrote yesterday on Instagram.

“I want my kids to be a light that casts out the darkness in this world. However, that’s not always their burden to bear. Sometimes kids just have to be kids.”

Happily ever after! Despite what you may have heard, Zach and Tori Roloff are absolutely meant to be! (TLC)

It’s evident that a lot is on Tori’s mind.

“There is so much brokenness in the world right now that it’s hard to stick around social media,” she added.

“It’s hard to show up to spaces like this and not think of how it all effects my family.”

Roloff remained very vague throughout her message, although she’s hinted previously that she may be done soon with Little People, Big World.

The burden of fame may just be getting to her overall.

Posing before a field of flowers, Tori Roloff embraces son Jackson Roloff, daughter Lilah Roloff, and baby Josiah Roloff. (Instagram)

The reality star concluded on a positive note, quoting the bible and sending inspiration to others:

However, we were made for a time such as this (esther 4:14). Us moms were made to help guide our babies through this. I needed that reminder too! Being a mom is messy!

But you’re not alone, and we are doing the best work! Keep goin mama.


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