H&M’s Trending £40 Dress Is My Best Buy of 2023 So Far

I have been in the market for a dress that 1) doesn’t require an awkward strapless or backless bra to look sleek and 2) I could just throw on and feel fabulous in. This dress checks off both. Irrational as it may be but I’m a little self-conscious about my arms (something I’m working on but, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day), but fluted sleeves fall so beautifully, I have zero hangups. I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d feel about the ever-so-slightly blouson bodice, but it too hangs perfectly. I’ll admit, I was a little anxious about gather to the stomach, too, but I find this to be an integral detail to the dress’s overall expensive-looking appeal.

The fabric is lightweight, though I can already tell it’s significantly more crease-resistant than the linen dress I usually wear at this time in the year. In fact, the fabric will carry into the cooler months more seamlessly, too, as it’s not as synonymous with summer as cotton or the aforementioned linen. Running through it is a subtle waved-stripe embroidery which I wasn’t mad on off but on, it helps it to stand out from the other dresses hanging on my rail. As for the colour, I’d say it’s a very, very, very light peach; a warmer take on cream which I don’t dislike! But it’s something to be aware of. As for the fit, I’m a true UK 12 with curves, and the medium fit me perfectly. However, if you’re between sizes or would like a more relaxed fit across the hips, I would opt for the size up. The reviews also reinforce this sentiment. 

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