The 6 Best Colours for Blondes to Wear

It seems that right now, the brighter summer days are naturally lightening blonde hair and inspiring others to opt for sun-kissed highlights. So if you’re new to lighter hair, then here’s some insight into the colours that will suit you best. We know it may sound old-fashioned, but honestly, there are certain colours that suit blondes particularly well. Not that you should feel bound by “rules”—we’re firm believers that you should always wear what you want—but if you’re looking for a little guidance on the colours that celebrate blondes the best, then we’re more than happy to help.

I’ve dabbled in being blonde myself, and I’ve found there are definitely colours that I gravitate towards when I have lighter hair and some I invest in less frequently, as they suit my brunette hair much better. Just as silver and gold jewellery can be dependent on your skin undertones, there are certain colours that sing just a little bit more with blonde hair.

But this is where we—and a bevy of golden-locked A-listers and street style stars—jump in to decode the spectrum of suitable hues for you. So what colours really are best for blondes? Well, after trawling through image after image from red carpets, events, fashion week front rows and such, we noticed a few trends emerging among the savviest blondes on the block.

Scroll below to see the results, and then shop key pieces to get your new palette going.

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