Josh Duggar: Suffering Without Air Conditioning Amid Record-Breaking Texas Heat Wave

There are very few things that Americans can agree on in 2023, but hopefully, one of them is that Josh Duggar deserves every bit of suffering that comes his way.

So the convicted predator probably won’t be receiving much sympathy amid reports of sweltering conditions inside the Texas prison where he currently resides.

As you’re probably aware, Josh is serving a sentence of 151 months on child pornography charges.

As the charges were federal in nature, Josh could’ve been sent just about anywhere in the country, but the judge took pity on the father of seven and locked him up in Seagoville, Texas, not far from his hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas.

Josh Duggar smiles in one of his many, many mug shots. (Arkansas PD)

The good news for Josh is that his wife, Anna Duggar, can relatively easily make the trip to Seagoville for visits.

(Though it’s been rumored that Anna has simply moved to northern Texas so that she can visit her imprisoned husband as often as possible.)

The bad news is that everything is bigger in Texas, including the heat waves.

Josh’s arrest marked the beginning of the end of the Duggar’s media empire. (Arkansas PD)

Seagoville is experiencing record-breaking temperatures at the moment, and many of the prison’s inmates reside in cells with no air conditioning.

A whistle-blower with a relative who’s locked up at Seagoville claims the facility has “no air conditioning” and inmates have been “passing out” in the sweltering heat.

“Texas is having record-breaking heatwaves. Most of the buildings in Seagoville don’t have air conditioning for the inmates,” the source tells UK tabloid The Sun.

Josh Duggar might soon be back in court for his appeal. (Getty)

“It is true that FCI Seagoville has some housing units without A/C. We do have some with it,” a spokesperson for the prison admitted to the outlet.

“In the units without A/C, there are rooms within those units where inmates can sit in A/C, as we have TV and computer rooms that give them a chance to cool down,” the representative explained.

“Additionally in those housing units, we have fans to circulate the air. All housing has ice available to inmates.”

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking any selfies for a very, very long time. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The prison also issued a public statement in response to widespread concerns from friends and family of inmates.

“The well-being of our employees and the incarcerated individuals in our custody is a priority for FCI Seagoville,” the statement reads.

“We remain committed and vigilant to ensure safe conditions are maintained,” it continues.

a josh pic
Josh Duggar will hopefully be locked up for a very long time. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“There have been no inmate health concerns, including fainting or injuries, contributed to heat conditions.”

It’s unclear if Josh is one of the inmates who’s lucky enough to be living in an air-conditioned cell.

Earlier this year, Josh smuggled a cellphone into the facility and was punished with several weeks in solitary confinement.

Picture of Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar is one of the worst humans of all time. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

He has since been returned to the general population, likely much to the chagrin of his fellow inmates.

We don’t wish inhumane living conditions on anyone, of course, but if Josh is dealing with with sweltering heat, that might not be such a bad thing.

After all, he can look at the situation as practice for his after-life!

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