It’s Chilly Out! Stay Moisturized with with These 6 Winter Hand and Nail Tips

The weather doesn’t know if it wants to snow, rain, or be warm, and it is wreaking havoc on our skin! How are your hands and nails holding up? Ours aren’t looking so hot either, so we gathered a few winter hand and nail tips to help keep your hands moisturized!

To help us figure out how to stay moisturized this winter, we linked up with Dr. Joyce Davis, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist. With her winter hand and nail tips, you can keep your hands in tip-top shape this winter season!

6 Winter Hand and Nail Tips to Stay Moisturized

On any given day, we put our hands and nails through so much drama — touching doorknobs, using them as tools to open things, washing over and over to stay healthy, and more.

It’s no wonder people say, “If you want to know someone’s real age, look at their hands.” Let’s commit to caring for our hands and nails more by using implementing these six tips into our daily lives.

1. Look for anti-bacterial soaps with hydrating ingredients.

winter hand and nail tips
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We’re collectively washing our hands a lot, and that is great! Hands are one of the 5 most common ways to spread germs.

Unfortunately, the combination of frequent handwashing and drying anti-bacterial soaps can leave your hands feeling crusty. Before you replace that drying bottle of anti-bacterial soap, look for an option with added hydration!

2. Always moisturize your hands after washing.

Winter Hand and Nail Tips
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Davis recommends keeping “lotion near each sink, and [ensuring you] moisturize your cuticles (the skin attached to your nails). This will help to prevent cuticles from getting split and painful.”

Moisturizing your hands with a lotion that contains humectants, especially while still damp, can help draw in much-needed hydration from the moisture..

3. Take supplements with vitamin E and Biotin or Collagen

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This will also help strengthen your nails and keep your skin from drying out. I like Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin and Nails because they not only have Vitamin E and biotin, but is a complete multivitamin as well.

There have been quite a few new gummies, multivitamins, and supplements around that you and I know. Personally, I know I could be better about taking my vitamins.

4. Keep a pair of gloves in each winter coat and jacket.

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The winter weather can fluctuate wildly in a day. If you can, avoid being out in the harsh wind, and cold weather in general, for long periods of time to help keep hands and nails supple.

This is real. If you live on the east coast, midwest, or other similar regions, this should be a no brainer! If you can’t avoid the weather, a solid winter coat and gloves can go a long way.

5. Use a thicker moisturizing product than you normally use.

If you have been using a lotion, try a cream.  Most brands have a range of products to choose from. A cream versus a lotion will help hold moisture close to your skin, improving moisture retention.

6. When doing wet housework make sure to wear protective gloves.

The cleaning ingredients that cut grease also strip the protective oils from your skin and hands. Adding a pair of reusable rubber gloves to your cleaning routine will help retain moisture and protect your manicure if you’re a nail lover!

Some of these skin care tips we use year-round! Some of these, we do *specifically* for the winter season. If you’ve noticed your hands are a little less supple than normal, incorporate these tips into your routine.

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