Strikes halt trains and ferries in Greece one year after rail disaster

Widespread strikes in Greece have halted trains and ferries in protests timed to coincide with the first anniversary of a deadly rail crash.

Greece’s worst rail disaster killed 57 people when a passenger train slammed into an oncoming cargo train in the north.

The tragedy shocked the country, with many of the victims being university students.

People at a ferry terminal in Greece
A nationwide 24-hour strike by public and some private sector workers is expected to disrupt public transport and leave ferries tied up in port (AP)

Public transport services in Athens were disrupted by Wednesday’s strike as unions pressed demands to further dismantle wage controls imposed during the 2010-2018 financial crisis.

Farmers and university students have also staged anti-government protests in recent weeks.

Flights were unaffected by the strikes after a court declared that protest plans by air traffic controllers were illegal.

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