Joy Behar’s Danny Devito Joke Sparks Audible Reaction

Joy Behar was met with loud reactions from the audience on Wednesday morning’s episode of “The View,” after she made a joke about Danny Devito’s height. To the ABC host, it sounded an awful lot like booing, which confused her a bit.

To kick off the show, the women recounted their experiences at Disney’s Upfronts presentation on Tuesday, which they were all present for. For her part, Behar largely just fawned over Disney CEO Bob Iger — namely, his looks.

“You know Bob Iger, he’s the head of the whole thing. He’s the big muckety-muck, and quite attractive I might point out!” Behar said.

According to host Sunny Hostin, Behar said he was “very muscular,” prompting Behar to heap praise on the man even more. But, she did joke that the people surrounding him might’ve contributed to that image.

“He’s so handsome, and he’s very tall,” Behar continued. “Although, maybe he looked tall because he was standing next to Danny Devito.”

The joke earned laughs from the table, but an audible “oooooh” sound from some of the audience. It’s unclear if maybe it was booing, but Behar seemed to think it was, as she turned to the side to question it.

“Why are you booing me? Are you booing me?” she asked.

Hostin quickly clarified that she wasn’t, but the women didn’t clarify on the audience. So, the conversation kept moving right along.

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.

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