Japan sanctions China-based firms accused of supporting war in Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war

Measures mark the first time Tokyo has targeted China-based companies over their alleged support for Russia’s war.

Japan has unveiled trade restrictions against firms in China, India, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan over their alleged support for Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The sanctions announced by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday mark the first time Tokyo has targeted China-based companies over their alleged links to the war.

Under the measures, Japanese companies are prohibited from exporting goods to the sanctioned firms, which include Hong Kong-based Asia Pacific Links Ltd and Yilufa Electronics Limited, based in Shenzhen.

The latest sanctions come after Japan and South Korea last month announced sanctions targeting companies and individuals accused of supplying North Korean weapons to Russia for use in Ukraine.

Under Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Tokyo has adopted a tougher stance against Moscow than any other government in Asia, most of which have declined to take sides in the war.

During last year’s G7 summit in Hiroshima, Kishida pledged “unwavering solidarity” with Ukraine while condemning governments who used force to change the status quo.

Last week, the United States rolled out sanctions targeting more than 300 individuals and firms accused of aiding Russia’s war effort, including entities in China, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the measures would diminish “Russia’s ability to benefit from access to foreign technology, equipment, software, and IT services.”

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