Adam Scott Is Back at Lumon

Adam Scott is just trying to leave work once and for all.

The first trailer for “Severance” Season 2 ramps up the drama as Scott reprises his role of cubicle worker Mark, whose Innie and Outie selves become blurred at Lumon Industries. Mark’s coworkers Dylan (Zach Cherry), Helly (Britt Lower), and Irving (John Turturro) have all found their Outie versions in the Season 1 finale. Now, their Innies must grapple with the ramifications. Per the official synopsis, Season 2 finds Mark and his friends learning the dire consequences of trifling with the severance barrier, leading them further down a path of woe.

Patricia Arquette portrays the ever-looming Lumon boss. Tramell Tillman, Jen Tullock, Michael Chernus, Dichen Lachman, and Christopher Walken return, as well as Sarah Bock who is now a series regular. Gwendoline Christie, Alia Shawkat, Bob Balaban, and more stars are joining the cast for Season 2, as announced in April 2022.

“Severance” is executive produced by Ben Stiller, who also directs five episodes this season in addition to directors Uta Bresiewitz, Sam Donovan, and Jessica Lee Gagné. The series is written, created and executive produced by Dan Erickson. “Severance” Season 2 is also executive produced by John Lesher, Jackie Cohn, Mark Friedman, Beau Willimon, Jordan Tappis, Sam Donovan, Caroline Baron, Richard Schwartz, Nicholas Weinstock. In addition to starring, Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette serve as executive producers. Fifth Season is the studio.

The first look at Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Apple Original series debuted earlier this year. Stiller he previously revealed he asks his family for insight on. Stiller teased that his kids serve as a “focus group” for “Severance” plotlines.

“We have this ongoing debate about spoilers because I’m working now on the scripts and prepping the show,” Stiller told People magazine. “And I will want to ask them questions and they’re like, ‘Well, don’t tell us.’ Do you want to know or not? So it’s like an ongoing debate.”

He added, “I don’t know what’s going to happen because then my son’s like, ‘Well, there’s going to be dailies that are going to come in and we’re going to hear about you’re going on location to a certain place and we’re going to ask questions,’ so I think they both want to know and don’t want to know. So we’re trying to figure it out. We have to all figure it out together.”

Showrunner Dan Erickson exclusively told IndieWire that director Stiller was “fiercely protective” of the pilot Erickson penned. “I feel like from our first conversation, he had it in his head that there’s something special here, and he knows at this point in his career that he has the clout to protect something like that and make sure it doesn’t get watered down, make sure it doesn’t — in the translation to the screen — start to feel more like something we’ve seen before,” Erickson explained.

The AppleTV+ series garnered 14 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series, Directing for Stiller, Actor for Scott, and Supporting Actress for Arquette.

Arquette previously teased that audiences should be “very scared” of the Season 2 story arc. “Be scared, very scared,” Arquette told Entertainment Tonight. “No, I think these guys have been working really hard, and come up with a lot of really creative things. They have a whole world in their minds. They just let us in, piece by piece, into what’s going on, but I think it will be fun and beautiful.”

“Severance” Season 2 premieres January 17, 2025. Check out the first footage below.

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